3 ways of Using Smart Cities Technology

The smart city is the type of urban settlement where various types of information are collected through electronic data sensors in order to manage resources and assets efficiently.  Africa is considered to have been moving towards urbanization very rapidly. By 2050, Sub- Saharan Africa annual urbanisation growth rate is expected to be 0.9% with a population growth rate of 2.9% and an added 944 million urban dwellers bringing the total population to 2.4 billion with more than 75% of the urban world population from Africa and Asia. Hence, it has become an important step for the government of different countries in Africa to include the scheme of Smart City in their various agenda. Smart cities technology is totally dependent on the fact of the Internet of Things, sensors, Artificial Intelligence, blockchain features.

Smart City
Smart City Features

There are many ways by which the scheme of smart cities affects the life the people on the continent and thereby contribute to their lifestyle. The following are three ways of how smart cities technology is contributing to the African urbanization process:

1. Connecting The African Continent Through Internet

The whole concept of the smart city is based on introducing the concept of the Internet of Things. This concept is like the veins that run across the city and thereby connecting every dot. This tends to make every device that is connected to the smart city initiative to be linked to each other in such a way that they can communicate amongst themselves as a result of which it manages the resources present in the megacities.

2. Bridge The Gap Between Government And Citizens

One of the most important components of the smart city is that it tends to bridge the gap between the government and its citizens. It also connects producers to consumers. Citizens are connected to Planning offices, Businesses, Government authorities, Engineering firms and Infrastructures through such apps, thereby increasing efficient time management, reduced cost and enhanced cities livability.

Introduction to E-Government applications and processes makes citizens more connected to the government. These applications will easily be able to report their problems and finding solutions from the appropriate authorities. As the population is increasing, the process of urbanization is becoming an evident problem for the government as well as the citizens. Lack/poor sanitation facilities, potable water, Inadequate infrastructures, poor electricity supply, traffic congestions and increase in the rate of crimes are associated problems of urbanization. As a result, E-government apps, and access to internet facilities makes it simple for citizens to connect with the government.

3. Better Healthcare And Traffic Facilities

The technology of artificial intelligence is also included in the scheme of smart cities technology. As the rapidly increasing urbanization is moving towards digitalization there will be a huge amount of data that will pile up each day. Artificial Intelligence is needed to bring out the sense from these data. In a framework where vitality spikes will in general occur, Al can realize where they normally happen and under which conditions these data can be utilized for the better administration of the system. This artificial intelligence helps in making the health care system much better and the management of the traffic more efficient.

Smart cities technology are helping in making the process of urbanization better for the citizens. Quality and affordable lifestyle of citizen and liveability of the area is the foremost aim of the smart city scheme connecting the whole city through the internet.

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