African Cities: A Myriad or Fantasy?

Lagos, Nigeria

urban fringes and development


Kigali, Rwanda

Many cities in Africa are yet to comply with sustainable measures or strategies. one begins to wonder whether African Leaders and city managers are really interested in the environment, burdened with urbanization challenges or they are only interested in the economic gains at the peril of the masses. The truth is there is yet to be a city that portrays Africa’s true image.

While a country like Rwanda making headway in its resilient green city design yet others are less concerned. What are the key problems in Africa one will ask again? Can it be that Africa is truly a shit hole? and if it is, Is there none to clean the mess? this brings us to the point where we need to rise as an individual work as a collective team and hold the leaders to account.

Urbanization is increasing in Africa and requires a quick response (CGTN 2017)

Is this a fantasy on African urbanization?


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