The Indiana Wesleyan Scholarships and Grants

The Indiana Wesleyan University was founded by the Wesleyan church in the year 1920 with the aim of teaching, training and grooming the next generation with prospective and positive etiquettes by the church and the Christian society.

This university is dedicated to grooming and assisting students in character, scholarship and leadership. The major aim of the Indiana Wesleyan scholarship grant is to help students develop basic important skills. These skills include

  • Character.
  • Leadership.
  • Professionalism.
  • Godliness.
  • Diversity.

This program is a means of assisting students (Christians) both national (citizens of the United States) and international (Christian students around the globe) with an aspiration to secure professional knowledge on Christian education.

The Wesleyan university offers varieties of scholarships and grants for its students. These scholarships, grants and financial aids are either raised from federal, state or institutional funds including grants, loans, scholarships and student’s employment.

The Indiana Wesleyan students scholarship and grants opportunities

The Indiana Wesleyan scholarships and grants are awarded to students once they have applied and have been accepted into the university. The following are scholarships and grants opportunities available for intending scholars at the Indiana Wesleyan university

  • Academic/award scholarship.
  • The church matching scholarship.
  • Campus challenge (The Wesleyan Bible bowl)
  • The John Wesley scholarship.
  • The Kern ministry program.
  • Out of state Wesleyan grant.
  • Wesleyan ministerial loans/grants.
  • Wesleyan pastor dependant grants.
  • Other scholarships opportunities.

Over the years, over 8,000 scholars get the opportunity to benefit from this program each year. The Indiana Wesleyan university invests $20 million in grants and scholarships annually and this scholarship is open to students all around the universe.

REV. RODRIGO AZOFEIFA, The lead pastor of the Wesleyan church once said, ” The church has provided a financial aid program to assist many students at the Indiana Wesleyan University. The Wesleyan Church and all its districts have participated/sponsored this program to enable scholars fulfil God’s calling in their lives. Through some support from donors and prayers from members of the Wesleyan church, students in need of financial support have been able to gain opportunities to study at the Indiana Wesleyan University and also provided with his/her required resources.

Timeline for the indiana Wesleyan university scholarship.

This scholarship has a very good timeline. Rather than the regular full time awarded scholarships in most scholarship programs (which is 4-5 years), the Indiana Wesleyan University scholarship has a renewability pattern that is followed. Students are only granted scholarships annually. Intending students are to reapply after the end of each session and would be awarded if they meet the necessary requirements and eligibility criteria.

Application process for the indiana Wesleyan university scholarship.

Just like every other international scholarship, the Indiana Wesleyan University scholarship would be carried out online following the due procedures These due procedures include

  • Log on to the Indiana Wesleyan university Login Portal
  • Scholars are to fill in their background information and other details needed on the form.
  • Scholars are to go through scholarship programs available and choose the one suitable for them.
  • Scholars are advised to go through their information provided for validation and to make necessary corrections if needed.
  • Submission of the application form and scholars are to make sure that their applications are successful.

Benefits of the Indiana Wesleyan university scholarship.

The Indiana Wesleyan University is Forbes number 16th best university in the US. Scholars who get to attend this school would have a lot to benefit from. Some of these benefits include

  • A condusive learning environment.
  • Scholars will be groomed by experts and will automatically become professionals after graduating.
  • Students will become not just physically and professionally intelligent, they will become both spiritually and mentally intelligent.
  • Students will be groomed and trained to be able to fulfill God’s God’s will on Earth.
  • Students will become more established both in behavior, leadership skills and life etiquettes as a whole.

Terms and conditions for the Indiana Wesleyan university scholarship

The Indiana Wesleyan University scholarship has its terms and conditions. Intending scholars must meet these conditions before they would be granted the scholarship. These conditions include

  • All intending students must be christians.
  • Students must be regular members of the church.
  • Scholars must possess a bachelor’s degree or one which is equivalent.
  • They must have and must be willing to maintain an excellent academic background.
  • They must have a minimum of 2.8 GPA on a scale of 4.0
  • Students must be active in church and district events.
  • Students must show regular positive influence on the work of God/evangelism.
  • Students must develop and maintain commitment to the Wesleyan church education and welfare.
  • Students must be willing and ready to be enrolled as full time students.

Please note that the above conditions are also meant for students renewing their scholarship program.

You can access the application form here

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