Smart city initiatives in Africa

The world has been calling itself smart ever since the technology was initiated and became a part of everyday lives. From smartphones to refrigerators, televisions, doors and many other devices that have been affected by it, everything has been called so particularly, because they can do a number of tasks without the need of human intervention.

Taking it further, a concept of smart cities were introduced that believes in incorporating the state of the art facility across various chores such as transportation or resource utilization to give a more comfortable life to its residents. This is something that most of the countries are implementing and as a result, there are various smart city initiatives being undertaken on the planet.

Africa’s smart cities

There are various smart city initiatives across the African nations trying to give the citizen an easier life.

  • Konza Techno City in Kenya – With an area of over 5000 acres, the plan is to ensure that the city becomes the Silicon Valley of Kenya. It is expected to be a technology hub by the end of 2030 and the programs are primarily focused on fields of communication, life sciences, education as well as IT. They are also planning to include embedded systems technology within the framework.
  • Eko Atlantic in Nigeria – One of the most wonderful smart city initiatives across the continent, Eko Atlantic covers an area of 2400 acres and is planning to build a self-sustainable energy source as well as an optical fiber network for communication. It is touted to be one of the most ambitious projects and is expected to create over a quarter of million jobs after completion.
  • Hope City in Ghana – Made with a purpose to be an IT giant, the city is already planning to build the tallest tower in Africa that would help the cause. The planning has been done with the help of professional architects from overseas and the city is planning to provide fifty thousand people with a job once the construction is complete.
  • Vision City in Rwanda – This is one of the prime examples of how smart city initiatives look like as the urban modification houses the largest residential project in the continent. The plan is to bring in new ideas to help Africa become a world-class tech hub and with an investment of a little under $2 billion, the city is planning to provide homes to over 22,000 people.
  • Waterfall City in South Africa – This project combines jobs with leisure activities and has had an intensive strategy to support it. With the estimate completion scheduled in 2025, the project aims to create a lifestyle that has an equal amount of work and quality time for its residents. The land it covers is close to 2200 hectares whereas the estimated workforce it is capable of hiring is 86,000.

Thus, these smart city initiatives are what will drive the continent of Africa into a world-class facility and give its residents the life they have always dreamt of having.


Born on 21st of April into a family of 4. She had risen in career and academics. She is an urban planner, amiable and passionate about planning in Nigerian cities.

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