The Clark university scholarship 2022

The Clark scholarship is a fully funded scholarship for exceptional and outstanding international students to pursue their prospective undergraduate programs at the Clark university in the United States of America.

The Clark university was founded in 1887 and the scholarship was initiated to give international students the opportunity to learn overseas under professionals and also to train students to become future leaders and how to impact world growth and development positively.

The Clark university scholarship was s initiated based on the university’s commitment to ensuring that students from all over the globe are able to acquire quality/meaningful education through it’s scholarship and financial aid program.

The Clark university scholarship provides for students education essentials needed to Meet their various educational goals. It creates a platform for its awarded scholars where they can discuss, get trained and provided necessities for achieving their prospective future goals on community as well as world growth.

Host nationality for the Clark university scholarship

The Clark university is located at Massachusetts in the United States of America. So this means that the the United States of America is the host nationality and all awarded international students would have to study at the Clark university in Massachusetts, United States of America.

Eligible nationalities for the Clark university scholarship

The Clark university scholarship is open to all students across the globe. This means that students from all countries and nationalities of the world, who meet with all the required criteria are eligible for this scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to international students not withstanding color, country, race or tribe.

Level of study for the Clark University scholarship

The Clark university scholarship is awarded to undergraduate Students who are willing to pursue a bachelor’s degree in their various field of studies. International students willing to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the Clark university under the Clark university scholarship program must be undergraduate students and would be awarded with a bachelor’s degree after graduating.

Field of study for the Clark university scholarship

The Clark university scholarship is a very prominent scholarship in the United States of America and it’s gives it’s scholars the opportunity to choose from any course available at the Clark university.

The clark University scholarship has no limitations when it comes to it’s field of studies. It allows students choose their various courses so long as the course is available at the clark University. No specific or specified courses for the Clark university scholarship.

Timeline for the Clark university scholarship

The timeline for every undergraduate degree courses is four (4) years. So the clark University scholarship has a specific timeline of four years. Awarded scholars would have to study for four years and would be awarded degrees in their various fields of study after graduating.

The clark University scholarship is a Renewable scholarship, so this implies that awarded students would have to reapply for the scholarship after every academic year elapses. After reapplying, students will be screened and only students who keep up with the eligibility criteria and requirements for the Clark university scholarship would be re-awarded with the scholarship.

If scholars continue to meet up with the eligibility criteria and requirements, he/she would be awarded the scholarship till the end of their study timeline.

Benefits of the clark University school

Students who have been awarded this scholarship would stand a chance to benefit from the following

  • yearly stipend of $15,00 to $25, 000 (note that this is for each academic year and it will only be given to students who have applied and successfully renewed their Scholarships after their first year)
  • Awarded students are also given opportunities to apply for an extra financial aid of $5,000 it their financial needs is more than the awarded stipend.
  • Accommodation and college fees
  • Airfare and travel insurance/documents
  • Health insurance

Requirements for the Clark university scholarship

The Clark university scholarship has its set Standards and requirements. All intending scholars must meet with these requirements before they would be considered eligible for this scholarship. These requirements includes

  • All intending scholars must be English language literates and must be fluent in it. And this must be proved in students written essays submitted.
  • Must be registered and qualified citizens of the respective home countries.
  • Intending scholars must apply directly to Clark university for their various courses before applying for the scholarship. Applying for the scholarship first renders all application made by students void.
  • Intending scholars must display a top notch leadership skills and potentials through their research goals stated in their essays
  • Students must be able to highlight their impact on community and world growth.
  • Display of commitment to making a difference in the world is also one very important requirement.
  • Academic excellence is also an important criteria. Intending scholars must possess an excellent academic background.

Application process for the Clark university scholarship

All intending scholars must follow the following instructions to carry out a successful application

  • Firstly, students are to create a profile here
  • Complete and submit the application form provided.
  • After completing the application and successfully submitted, students would be sent further information via emails provided. This information includes their various essay topics.

Please note that all intending students would use the code “3297” for their various Clark css codes.

For more information on the scholarship please visit the clark University website

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