The Fulbright scholarship program for international students

The Fulbright scholarship program is an initiative of the United States department of State bureau of educational and cultural affairs to enable international students from all works of life to study and research to become professionals in their various fields of study.

The main aim of this initiative is to help develop American’s knowledge on international and foreign culture and languages. This initiative reaches out to over 155 nationalities of the world, languages, races and culture through hundreds of colleges, universities and institutions in the United States.

About the scholarship

This scholarship offers international students from difference part of the world the opportunity to further their Education and also provide a vast scenery for their mother tongues and home cultures. The Fulbright scholarship gives international scholars the opportunity to attend an accredited University in the United States and attain a graduate degree of their choice.

It is geared towards grooming students in professionalism and also in gaining knowledge and expertise from the United States, it’s culture and people.

International scholars who have been awarded this scholarship are provided condusive campuses which are technology and technically based. This campuses are to help build students mindset and teach them in a modernized learning environment.

During the first academic year, international students are required to share and teach their culture and their various languages at the chosen colleges or Universities. This is to enable international students provide vast knowledge of their culture and help promote the language and cultural diversity program of the United States.

At the end of the program, both national (citizens of the United States) and international students from different countries would have studied and researched in the United States and have become professionals in their various fields of studies and would be awarded their degrees accordingly.

Timeline for the Fulbright scholarship

This program provides a 4 year course timeline for it’s scholars. Awarded scholars will be provided with resources for 4 years all through their period of studies. This implies that the timeline for this scholarship is four years and scholars will be benefitting from the program for 4 years.

Field of study

The Fulbright scholarship is available for all students for all students around the globe. There are no specific fields of study for this scholarship program. Awarded scholars are allowed to choose to study any course of their choice in any college or University in the United States. There are no limitations when it comes to field of study for this program. It is vastly Available for students, both national and international.

Level of study

This is a degree awarding scholarship for both national and international scholars in the United States but only on graduates level. This means that this is for only for students willing to bag either a masters or doctoral degree. The Fulbright scholarship is not applicable to undergraduates (students intending to bag a bachelor’s degree) it is only applicable to students who have already bagged a bachelor’s degree but is intending to further their education.

Requirements and eligibility criteria for the Fulbright scholarship

This scholarship program has it’s requirements and all intending scholars MUST meet with these requirements and eligibility criteria. These requirements and eligibility criteria includes

  • Before scholars would be shortlisted for this scholarship, they must have been nominated by a United States embassy in their home country.
  • Intending scholars must be aqualified citizens and must possess an updated residency status in their various home country.
  • Must possess a bachelor’s degree or a degree which is equivalent to the United States high school or college degree. (This is for scholars applying for a masters degree)
  • A masters degree from an accredited institution or one which is equivalent to the required degree by the United States bureau of education.
  • Intending scholars must possess an early career experience in their various field of study.
  • Intending scholars must be willing and able to teach their various languages in the United States.
  • Intending scholars must be fluent in English and must be willing and able to prove this through a written essay.
  • Intending scholars must undergo a n online international English test and scripts must be submitted during application.
  • Students must display creativity, self reliance, Independence and also ability to cooperate.
  • Students must be willing and able to display adaptive skills.
  • Scholars must be willing and able to display maturity, dependability, integrity and professionalism.

Please note that this scholarship is not applicable to students with dual citizenship (i.e students who are partly citizens of the United States and other countries of the world)

Benefits of the Fulbright scholarship.

This scholarship impacts students in different ways and provides students with wholesome benefits. These benefits includes

  • Tuition
  • Travel insurance and airfares
  • Health insurance
  • Monthly stipends.
  • Educative benefits provided at various institutions etc

Over the years 4,000 students have been able to benefit annually from this scholarship.

Application process for the Fulbright scholarship

The application process for this program is very straight forward. Intending scholars have two applications options. These options are

  • Intending scholars might choose to apply through the Fulbright scholarship commission and foundation. This commission and foundation is also responsible for the processing of the applications submitted by students.
  • Students can also apply at the United States embassy in their various home country.

Registration period for the Fulbright scholarship is between October and February every year.

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