The Hope restored scholarship 2022

The hope restored scholarship is a special and peculiar program for married and intending couples that covers all aspects and sectors of marriage and it’s therapy.

This program is to help nurture, guide, build and help sustain marriages. Rather than the regular marriage counseling, this program has been designed and directed at engaging couples (both married and intending) to be schooled under experts and professionals in every aspect of marriage.

It is a program for couples who wish to study under experts but needs to be financially assisted. Financial assistance for this program is also available for intending couples as well.

This program is to assist couples solve primary marriage issues and grow in love in every stage of their relationship.

About the hope scholarship

This program has a special timeline. A regular couples therapy would take up to a year or two but the hope restored scholarship program is just for 3-5 months.

All couples would receive intensive training and would become certified within this timeframe. This scholarship is to assist couples learn under experts to help them grow their relationships in love and strength and also figure out ways to solve marital problems.

Importance of the hope restored scholarship

Every marriage has it’s issues and the brain behind this scholarship believes that marriage is beyond the issues. It’s a beautiful thing and it needs knowledge and experience and understanding to keep it going. That is why this program was initiated, some of the importance includes

  • It was help couples grow in love, respect, trust and faith.
  • It would teach couples the effect of adultery on their lives and it’s impact on their marriage.
  • It would help couples grow and enrich their intimacy and sexual life.
  • It will help couples solve financial/monetary issues and help couples gain financial stability.
  • It would help them understand the importance of parenting and how it would affect their personal lives and career.
  • It would team couples to know their compatibility traits and love languages to help them spice up their love lives.

Eligible nationalities.

This program is open to all married or intending couples around the world not withstanding color, race, country or tribe.

All couples who meet the standard requirements for this program would be awarded scholarships and would qualify for the program.

Eligibility criteria

This scholarship is a very peculiar one so it has it’s eligibility criteria. This criteria may differ based on the status of the couples. These statuses include

  • Intending couples (couples in a courtship preparing to get married).
  • Married couples. (Couples who are already married but have Marital issues to solve). Or who wants to learn about marriage.
  • Divorced couples (This are couples who are already divorced but are trying to get back together)

Eligibility criteria for intending couples

Intending couples who are willing to apply for this program would have to meet with the eligibility criteria for the hope restored scholarship. These eligibility criteria includes

  • Intending couples must have already attained adulthood. (P.S child marriage would not be accepted).
  • Both couples must be mutual on the decision to take the program.
  • Couples must be willing to go into marriage or must be already engaged.
  • Couples should be willing to give testimonies about the program after a year.

Eligibility criteria for already married couples

Already married couples who are willing to apply for this program would have to meet with the necessary criteria for this scholarship program. These eligibility criteria includes

  • Couples MUST be legally married to be able to apply for this scholarship program.
  • Couples MUST possess a legal marriage documents.
  • Couples MUST be mutual on the decision to apply for this program.
  • Couples MUST be willing to adhere to all rules, regulations, terms and conditions regarding this program.
  • Couples MUST be able to state their setbacks with professionals and must maintain honesty all through the program.
  • Couples MUST be willing to come back after a year or two for testimonies.

Eligibility criteria for divorced couples

Already divorced couples willing to apply for this scholarship to get back together or to maintain either a balance in parenting must meet with the following criteria

  • Couples MUST have been married before.
  • Couples MUST be mutual on the decision to apply for this program.
  • Couples intending to get back together must start a legal proceeding towards re-legalizing their affair.
  • Couples MUST be willing to put their kids first in any decision they are making if they have kids.
  • They must be willing to come back to give testimonies a year or two after graduating.

Application process for the hope scholarship

This scholarship is very peculiar and it has a special application process. This process is carried out online and the following information would be uploaded by the couples for evaluation

  • Names of couples (both husband and wife)
  • Address of couples.
  • City/state/nationality of origin.
  • Couples phone numbers.
  • Couples email addresses.
  • Family information.
  • Number of children (for already married couples)
  • Names and ages of children (for already married couples) do you have dependent kids. Couples are required to indicate.
  • Combined annual income.
  • Couples income tax.

All couples are required to submit this information during their online application and the total evaluation of this submission would determine if couples would be awarded with the scholarship or not.


For couples to be eligible for this program, they must Meet with the following conditions

  • Intending couples must be qualified citizens and must have attained the age of marriage.
  • Already m couples are to present evidence/certificate of marriage.
  • Couples must have a steady source of income.
  • Couples must declare clear intentions for each other and must be willing to partake in this program from the beginning to end.

All interested couples should click and apply – Hope Restored : A Marriage Intensive … – Focus on the – Hope Restored : A Marriage Intensive … – Focus on the Family

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