The Rise Of Smart Cities In Africa And Their Purpose

Africa has been considered will be the most rapid urbanised continent in the world by the year 2020. In the present scenario, Africa is termed the most rural continent with only 40% of the total population living in the cities. In order to boom up the process of urbanisation, that one idea which has been revolving around is that of “Smart Cities”.

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Smart Cities In Africa are characterised as created urban regions that make feasible monetary advancement and high-caliber of life. It sounds straightforward, however, how this shows essentially in creating economies, for example, those in a lot of Africa is altogether different from the cutting edge desires made in the created world. Various countries present in the continent are including the concept of smart cities in their agendas.

The Nigerian government introduced the smart city initiative in June 2018. This was done in order to propel the ICT innovations in turning rural areas into urban framework. Rwanda, a leading country in initiating the smart city initiative proposed the “smart city blueprint” in the month of May 2018. Smart cities in Africa is a way of improving the quality and the lifestyle of the people living on the continent.

Purpose Of Smart Cities In Africa:

  • Urbanisation: It is considered that by 2050 nearly two and a half billion population in the world will be living in cities. Reports say that out of the given figure 90% of them will be from Africa. The cities in Africa have started growing rapidly, and three of them has already achieved the tag of mega cities as they have crossed the population threshold of over 10 million people. In the coming years, more and more cities are likely to join this list. Hence, it has become much more important to govern the countries by building a sustainable place for the people, and thereby indulge in the making of smart cities in Africa.
  • Build Good Infrastructure: The rapid progression of African countries towards urbanisation has caused a severe problem, for the government. The way of coping with the issue was not as good as from other countries around the world. The most evident problem is with the type of infrastructure and housing. More than sixty percent of the people lives in an informal settlement. Poverty and poor lifestyle are amongst the most evident problems. Smart cities in Africa are tending to provide better infrastructure and housing facilities to people.
  • Providing Better Facilities: Fast urbanisation is in a chaos due to government unpreparedness. Every day, people are faced with different problems all around the continent. Lack of water facility and electricity, poor sanitation facility, traffic jams and poor road conditions, and increasing rate of crime are some problems reported by different countries on the continent. Smart cities tend to solve all these problems. They will provide potable water and round the clock electricity to the cities, better sanitation facility with a proper drainage system, increase in employability and thereby decrease in crime.

Smart cities are an important initiative that has been included by the African countries so as to make the life of the people better and also save the environment.

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