The Utrecht excellence scholarship for international students

The Utrecht excellence scholarship is a fully funded masters degree awarding scholarship for international students in Netherlands.

The Utrecht excellence scholarship is open to all international students from all over the world except citizens of European countries to pursue a masters degree in any field of study of their choice at the Utrecht university in Netherlands.

The Utrecht university is one of Europe’s most accredited Universities. It is vastly recognized for his high education and research standards. The Utrecht university provides a condusive and modernized learning platform for international students which would aid them become experts and pioneers in their various fields of study.

Every year, 1,500 international students are admitted in the Utrecht university to pursue and bag English taught masters degree programs. 20-25 scholarship slots are open yearly for international students who have applied and have been screened to be qualified for the Utrecht university excellence scholarship.

The Utrecht university excellence scholarship is funded by the Utrecht excellence scholarship fund, which is established by the Utrecht university and also contributions and donations by some Utrecht university alumni.

Level of study for the Utrecht excellence scholarship

The Utrecht excellence scholarship is a masters degree awarding scholarship at the Utrecht university in Netherlands. All awarded scholars would be studying at a masters degree level and would be awarded with a masters degree after graduating.

Timeline for the Utrecht excellence scholarship

The timeline for this scholarship is within a time frame of 12-24 months which is exactly equivalent to 1-2 years. This timeframe would depend on the scholars course. Students who have applied for a certain course would be studying for a year while others would have to study for 2 years.

Please note that the Utrecht excellence scholarship is a renewable scholarship. Awarded scholars would have to reapply and keep up with the eligibility criteria to be able to get a renewal of the scholarship. Scholars who are unable to keep up with the eligibility criteria and requirements would not be able to get a renewal and would be ripped off the scholarship.

Field of studies for the Utrecht excellence scholarship

The Utrecht university scholarship offers awarded students varieties of courses to choose from and to pursue their masters degree. The following are all the courses and fields of studies available for international students at the Utrecht university.

  • Global criminology
  • Social, health and organizational psychology
  • Applied cognitive psychology
  • Clinical, child and adolescence psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Neuropsychology
  • Methodology and statistics
  • Biomedical and social sciences
  • Social and health psychology
  • Ancient, medieval and Renaissance studies
  • Comparative literary studies
  • Gender studies
  • Linguistics
  • Media, arts and performing studies
  • Musicology
  • Art history
  • History
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Development and socialization in childhood and adolescence
  • Legal research
  • Social health psychology
  • Sociology and social research

Benefits of the Utrecht excellence scholarship

International Scholars who have been awarded with this scholarship would stand a chance to benefit the following

  • Tuition fees
  • Stipend of £11,000 every academic session
  • All Euro living expenses are covered

Criteria and requirements for the Utrecht excellence scholarship

The Utrecht university has it’s set standards and these standards includes eligibility criteria and requirements for international students intending to apply for this Utrecht excellence scholarship. These requirements and criteria includes

  • All intending scholars must understand English and must be fluent in it
  • Students must be qualified citizens of their various countries except European countries or citizens.
  • Intending scholars must not have access to the European passport and must be in no way connected to Europe.
  • Must possess an official high school transcript and a bachelor’s degree from an accredited University or institution outside Netherlands.
  • Intending scholars must apply for their prospective courses before applying for the scholarship. Applying for the scholarship before applying for the course nullifies the entire application.
  • Students must be willing, ready and should be able to resume on the first of September 2022 after being awarded with the scholarship.
  • Failure to resume on the above slated date means nullification of the scholarship.

Selection process for the Utrecht excellence scholarship

After students have successfully completed their application process, the Utrecht excellence scholarship team carries out a scrutiny for the various submitted applications and selects outstanding scholars on the following basis

  • Students application must show their academic excellence and strength of their proposed goals if awarded the scholarship in their application.
  • Their official transcripts submitted during application must show and portray them as top class students with excellent grades.
  • Their written essays and question and answer session during application must portray strong academic relevance, intercultural and communication skills.
  • Students overall quality of application is a major selection criteria. The accuracy of information provided and strength of students goals and also vastness of students knowledge.

Application process for the Utrecht excellence scholarship

The application for this scholarship is open to all qualified students. Intending students are to apply following the instructions below.

  • Intending scholars are to apply for their intended courses before applying for the scholarship.
  • Log into the school website
  • Download the instructions provided at the website
  • Click on the new application button and fill in required documents.
  • Pay the application fees.

After carrying out these steps, students will receive their various Osiris online application log in details. Please note that the above application is for the course and master’s degree and not the the scholarship.

Application process for scholarship:

After successfully applying for their various courses students are to follow the various steps in applying directly for the scholarship

  • Visit
  • Log in with your Osiris username and password provided after you completed your first application.
  • Click on the application button
  • Answer the Utrecht excellence scholarship questions
  • Upload the necessary documents
  • Submit your Application

Apply today and become a scholar at the Utrecht university.

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