Top 5 Cities to Visit in Nigeria

There are many cities to choose when visiting Nigeria. Yet there are 5 top cities any visitor should not miss for various reasons. Nigeria like many other African countries is blessed with cities rich in culture, interesting people and amazing places. Contrary to the hunger and starvation pictures on the internet, visitors will be shocked to travel Nigerian urban cites and never come across any of the gruesome images.


Note that,  hunger, starvation and poverty exist in many glamorous cities including the USA, England and Japan. However, in Nigeria, the poor have a close relationship with family and friends that provides for daily survival against government failures and budgets.

The poverty rate in Nigeria according to the United Nation and World Bank records stem from government statutory responsibility and budgets for the poor. In reality, every family has a responsibility to the extended family members, a communal lifestyle that is engraved in the African tradition. This lifestyle can be cultivated by developed countries to address the problem of depression and loneliness.

A study on household poverty shows that 60% of poor household is due to poor or lack of access to basic education, while 40%  poor household is as a result of unemployment. Hence, Watson, 2014 concludes that only the poor know how to live in Poverty”.

Why Visit Nigeria

Nigeria is home to over 400 ethnicities, diverse culture and history. The country has an increasing population which to its advantage, accounts for the GDP of the economy.

  • For that amazing aha! moments, the tourist must visit Nigeria.
  • Visit Nigeria for a Plate of Jollof riceNkwobi and Ofada rice and you will remain addicted to Nigerians. The dishes are just amazing.

Tired of uniformity? Then visit Nigeria for varieties ranging from, lifestyle, politics, intrigues, culture and freedom.

Places to Visit

1. Lagos 

The city of Lagos is the economic hub of Nigeria and the best places of innovative ideas. It is said that ideas work on the streets of Lagos due to its diverse population. offers a beautiful scenic environment, visit the beach directly taking its source from the Atlantic Ocean. The Eko Atlantic city, the banana Island and Elegushi beach are offering the great environment for holiday. Stay at the mainland or Island to enjoy both day and nightlife.

2. Calabar.

Many people have probably seen it in movies and pictures. However, Christmas is never complete without attending annual Calabar carnival. Carnivals are organised yearly during the Christmas periods beginning from November till January. However, be sure to book hotel accommodation early if you plan to visit during the Christmas season. Take a trip to the Museum to learn about Nigerian history, The dishes are mouth-watering.

The city maintains a natural green landscape, spanning through thousands of acres of land yet awesome and breathtaking. Visitors travelling by road may take a trip to see the Agbokim waterfalls, a natural scenery depicting the Nigerian green, white, green flag colour. The chances that visitors love what they will see is non- negotiable.

3. Abuja

Are you a business investor, real estate manager or just a tourist? Abuja is a place to visit. The city host the capital and administrative power of Nigeria. the elite, poor, all live side by side. a city without discrimination, poverty is not a friend even to the poor hence everyone is an urban elite. friendly neighbourhoods, business-minded individuals. we must warn you, you will spend more naira in this city than anywhere else in Nigeria. Come along with your credit card.

4. Obudu

This city is popularly referred to as Obudu Cattle Ranch. Obudu is a rural community with the natural scenic environment. the ranch is located in cross riVer state. about 315km away from Calabar. If you have been to Mont Blanc then you must visit Obudu Cattle Ranch as well. the difference is Mont Blanc is white with snow caps while Obudu is green with vegetation cover. temperature is below 0 degrees so come with a winter jacket.

5. Okene

Wow … Okene home to international Akwete hand woven fabric made popular in 1990, by Prince Charles and Princess Diana commissioning the fabric. The weavers are superwomen who sit at the loom. Loom?  Yes, loom, they are available and in use. Ever heard of originality? It can’t be mass produced or made from China. The Town is surrounded by rocks, valleys and mountains. Capture the image and it will last forever in the mind. The environment bubbles with active youthful population and hospitality. Be sure to eat Bush Meat, Pounded Yam and Egusi soup when you arrive.

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Born on 21st of April into a family of 4. She had risen in career and academics. She is an urban planner, amiable and passionate about planning in Nigerian cities.

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