How Urban Settlements Has Become an Important part of our Lives

Ever since industrialisation came into existence, going leaps ahead of the agricultural system, urbanisation has also been in existence. Urban settlement or urbanisation is not a new concept. However, its something we have been living, experiencing and transforming on a regular basis. Today, more than 50-60% of the world population is residing in cities, with all the luxurious settlements, and greater prospects to work, earn and grow. Although, a large part of our economy relies upon our roots, upon the agricultural system for the survival and food resources. The question is why is the concept of urbanisation so important? Why is there need to be a balance between urban and rural? Here is everything that you must discover about urban and rural lives.

Advantages of Living in an Urban Settlement

  • Better infrastructure, better assistance, better services!

Whatever people may claim, urban life has surely lead to the betterment of the people, communities and societies. There was a time when people traveled miles to just make a phone call, to see a doctor or to get diesel for their tractors to work. However, today we have everything just minutes away. With a better urban settlement, great infrastructural development has taken place. Now people live in colonies or societies where they have their own hospitals, recreation centers, street lights, schools, and colleges e. t. c. that are located at very convenient distances. Thus, an emergency can now be easily dealt with, without panicking at all.

  • Transport and occupational services are thriving excellently!

Even today, most of the people living in villages and undergoing their education, dream to get a great job within the urban settlement. This is because there are various opportunities, there is a need for skilled and people are acknowledged. However, agriculture is like a family business, a game of inheritance. You may either survive, earn good, or you may just get trapped into it without getting any suitable outcome. From doctors, engineers, teachers, politicians, managers, directors etc, you have got everything in the urban settlement as per your skills and talents. And for sure, with better infrastructure, we now have great roadways, railways and airways connectivity and various transportation modes to keep your journey safe and convenient.

  • Increased opportunities, better globalisation, high economic earnings

A country’s development or developing rate is calculated on the basis of the services, people’s mortality rate, per capita income, expenditure, tourism, and other similar factors. Likewise, these all are only possible when we stay and embrace the power of urban settlement. With just agriculture, no country can ever come up to the mark and connect with other nations on a global level. To bring out the best of yourselves and to give your nation a feeling of glory, it is important for everyone to be a part of the urban network, work well, earn good, turn down the country’s liabilities and bring out glory by enhancing the overall national income and enhancing trade globally.

Well, in some ways urban settlement is harmful to the environment too, although, while keeping all its benefits in mind, it is no doubt that it is the only thing responsible to bring huge changes nationally and globally.


Born on 21st of April into a family of 4. She had risen in career and academics. She is an urban planner, amiable and passionate about planning in Nigerian cities.

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